The art of making unique drinks.

Craft embodies the craft of musicians as well as the craft of beer, spirits and unique cocktails.

Located beneath Bastone Brewery, Craft provides a hip 1970s look and feel. Imagine Edison bulbs, wallpaper, wood panels and a fresh color scheme. Additionally, a wall of old speakers is behind the bar to add to the whimsical basement vibe.

Craft features a stage for live entertainment on Thursday nights; and continues to welcome a DJ Friday and Saturday nights.

In addition to serving absinthe, Craft also serve an array of exclusive craft cocktails, craft spirits - such as Civilized - a full bar, Bastone beer and more.

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Halloween Parties

Halloween starts early this year with Craft's Zombie Prom on Thursday, October 23rd. Followed by Vinotecca's Black Wine Night on 29 & 30th, and the big costume contest on October 31st at Craft.