POMME FRITES Award-Winning
True Belgian Fries
twice fried and served with your choice of mayonnaise 5.95
fresh tarragon • roasted garlic • basil
artichoke • roasted red pepper • horesradish • mammoet

Soft Warm Pretzels
With a five-cheese dipping sauce 8.95

Snack Board
A rotating selection of beer friendly cheeses, meats, olives,
nuts and breads 12.95

Artichoke Fritters
With a crisp tempura batter, tarragon aioli and parmesan 9.50

Fried Calamari
With seasoned herb breading and basil aioli 9.95

Crab Artichoke Bake
Lump and snow crab baked with a blend of cheeses,
spinach and artichoes 10.95


Fresh Prince Edward Island black mussels
with your choice of sauce 10.95
white wine and bleu cheese • leek • cider
beer & onion • tasso ham and mushroom

Moules Flight: Enjoy a sampling of any three above 11.95

Portabella & Heirloom Tomato Quiche
With roasted mushrooms, marinated heirloom tomatoes,
brie and gouda cheeses 9.95

Vegetable Pakora
thin sliced vegetables in a lightly curried batter with a sriracha dipping sauce 11

Asian Spring Rolls
braised pork, bean sprouts and bok choy with red chili and mango glaze 9

Beef Cheek Empanadas
slowly braised with tomato and spices and vegetable slaw 13